Real Estate Brokerage


At Vendôme Capital, we are aware that selling or buying a property is more than just a transaction.

Our mission is to accompany you throughout your real estate project in Miami and its surroundings by offering a range of tailored services.

Indeed, at Vendôme Capital, we take pride in our approach to work with a limited number of clients (our “members”), in order to be able to give them all the time and focus necessary for their real estate project. Vendôme Capital positions itself as a life-change facilitator, accompanying its members in the strictest confidentiality. Thanks to our solid knowledge of the market and our established partnerships (banks, lawyers, accountants, insurers, etc.), we support you in all your administrative procedures. We can also facilitate access to schools for your children or recommend qualified and dedicated staff once you are settled, through our management and concierge services (babysitter, housekeeper, driver, maintenance worker, security staff…).

Whether you are a seller or looking for a primary or secondary residence in Miami, Vendôme Capital is a true bargaining expert with one goal in mind; representing your best interest during the acquisition process.

Licensed “Real Estate Broker” in the State of Florida, we have access to the most prestigious properties (on and off-market), in line with your preferences and at the level of your ambitions. Our team of experts will help you reach the full potential of your real estate investment, whatever your goal may be, while maintaining confidentiality.

We are also able to make our resources available to you if you are looking for a rental property, and you will be extended the same considerations.

Moreover, if your ambition is purely an investment transaction, the Vendôme Capital Private Club allows you, through its international network, to maximize your profits by accessing a selection of specific projects according to your objectives.

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