Real Estate Brokerage
Whether you are a seller or looking to buy a primary or secondary residence in Miami, Vendôme Capital is positioning itself as a true negotiating expert with the aim of representing your best interests during the transaction process. Licensed "Real Estate Broker" in the State of Florida, Vendôme Capital gives you access to all properties for sale or rent in Miami and its surroundings.
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Project Management
Thanks to its expertise and network established for several years with professionals in the region, Vendôme Capital is a recognized player in the management of real estate development and renovation projects by offering turnkey solutions. Vendôme Capital advises you, accompanies you and manages all your projects rigorously and efficiently.
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Property Management & Conciergerie
Vendôme Capital offers bespoke real estate management and concierge services for our property-owning clients in and around Miami. Thanks to a passionate, talented team and at the service of our members, Vendôme Capital assures you peace of mind and places itself as a facilitator of life and desires.
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Real Estate Fundraising
For our most ambitious members, the Vendôme Private Club allows you to benefit from the strength of a group who shares the same objectives in order to optimize your decision-making and arbitrate your investments. Integrating the Vendôme Private Club is also a time of exchange, sharing and the possibility to have access to multi-city/country opportunities.
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