Property Management & Conciergerie



Vendôme Capital provides its clients with a property management division that allows the management of your property located in Miami and its surroundings. Because we consider your investment to be a reward and a symbol of your life’s work, we give it the best care and attention it deserves. Our management team offers a full range of personalized services tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our mission: optimize your assets today to maximize its return and value of tomorrow.

Whether your home is vacant, rented, or owner occupied, Vendôme Capital takes care of everything and puts in place a detailed action plan to ensure that your experience as a property owner is a positive and worry-free one.

Concierge services


Reserved to our “Elite” clientele, our concierge department offers tailor-made services in line with your lifestyle and even your most extravagant needs. More than simply understanding your tastes and desires, we anticipate them, guaranteeing you a premium response as soon as possible, thanks to a passionate, talented and dedicated team, as well as our first-class professional network.

Whether it’s providing the staff needed for your receptions and their planning, finding personal assistants for you and your family (personal shopper, driver, chef, housekeeper, babysitter…), VIP seats for an event or private club, a table in a select restaurant, or even to book an exceptional yacht, a sports car, a private jet or a helicopter for your getaways and business appointments, each of your requests is treated with the utmost attention. With Vendôme Capital, you and your family, as well as your guests, are at the heart of our concerns. Our mission: to find solutions for each of your requests.

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